The shoemountain
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October 3, 1990

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The shoemountain (sometimes titled as 'Shoes'),originally 'De schoenenberg' (or 'Schoenen') is the 9th episode of Samson and Gert.


Samson and Gert have planned to bake apples, and they will teach the little viewers how to do so. While they are doing that, Joop enters the house saying that he brushes shoes for money. He asks his neighbours for help, and even though Gert is busy, Samson agrees.  Now they have a mountain made of shoes in their house.

And it goes wrong real fast, when Joop can't remember which shoe belongs to which person. By accident, he gives the mayor's shoes to the doctor. Not knowing that the mayor needs his shoes right now and that he is coming to collect them.



  • The episode was first titled 'Shoes', but was given the name 'The shoemountain' in later re-runs.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Walter De Donder.
  • Even though Walter is credited as Modest on this page, his name wasn't known by then, so he was always credited as 'The mayor'.