! This article is about the televison show Fred and Samson. For the pairing, see Fred and Samson (pairing).
Fred and Samson
General information
Genre Comedy
Starring Tristan Moreau
Frédéric Clou
Country of origin Belgium
Language(s) French
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 45
Production information
Executive producer(s) Studio 100
Original channel Club RTL
Related shows Samson and Gert
The attic of Fred and Samson
Plopsa TV

Fred and Samson, originally 'Fred et Samson', are the French counterpart of Samson and Gert. These two friends were the host of the canceled 'Plopsa TV', but fortunately, Fred and Samson were not canceled. They got their own show called 'The attic of Fred and Samson'.

Just like their original counterparts, Fred and Samson have already released a few songs.


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